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Marans Eggs – Farm Direct to your Family’s Table

100% Marans Eggs are raised on our farm in Athol,  Idaho.  Our flock delights in foraging throughout the entire day in our beautiful North Idaho forest.   This regenerative environment provides them with an abundant supply of bugs, young plants, grass, seeds, and other delightful tidbits.  Abundant fresh water and the highest quality local non-GMO chicken feed are also always available to the ladies.  No antibiotics or hormones, ever.  See our egg details below!

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Let’s talk about our girls, shall we?

If I had a choice to pick what I thought was the best tasting eggs in the world, I would choose the dark brown (sometimes chocolate) eggs of the Marans.  We specialize in Marans and breed our flock focusing on the attributes that follow The American Standard of Perfection.

These highly sought after eggs boast thick shells and contain a golden yellow to bright orange yolk rich in flavor and vitamins.

We do not judge our girls based on the darkness of their eggs since this goes against common sense  and the natural cycle of the bloom produced by our birds.  Egg color with Marans varies throughout the laying season and with age.  The practice of breeding for the darkest eggs is a great disservice to the breed due to breeding choices that often disregards the Standard of Perfection for this line of chickens.

Due to their great personalities, beautiful eggs,  and a stunning and beautiful feather pattern,  we fell in love with this breed.   Julia Child was said to use only Marans eggs.  It’s also no wonder that the Marans produces the eggs that are preferred by James Bond.  Just ask Ian Fleming!

Let’s talk about your egg storage!

  • All of our eggs contain their natural bloom.  The bloom seals the egg from the outside world.  They are safe and fresh during their transport.
  • Once you receive your eggs, just place into your refrigerator.
  • You are receiving  fresh eggs.  That is, we collect our eggs daily and ship several times per week.  The only way to get fresher eggs is to have your own flock!

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