Cluck Deck Chicken Perch Roosting Bars For Healthy Chicks & Hens – Properly Sized Flat Roosting Bars for Healthy Feet and Warm Toes – Handmade By Us

  • 🐔 FLAT and WIDE is what your chickens prefer!
  • 🐤 TWO Roosting Bar Sizes for the Young, Middle, and Old!
  • 🐓 BUILT and Used by Chicken Farmers Who Love Their Flock!
  • 🐥 WILL Fit in Most Farm Supply & Big Box Store Coops – Or In Their Run
  • 🥚 Built at Idaho Pastures in Idaho, USA


Did you know that chickens prefer to sleep primarily flat-footed? Chickens cling with their toes so their roost should be flat with slightly rounded corners front and back.

The Cluck Deck provides your poultry with two 1.5 inch lower flat perch bars and one 2.5 inch flat high perch bar. We’ve found that our chicks love to play on our perches and become familiar with roosting and resting on the Cluck Deck. As they grow older and larger, you’ll find them wanting to roost on the wider top bar.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The Cluck Deck came about when we were new chicken farmers! Like many new chicken owners, we started with an overseas-made chicken coop that looked good, but was lacking in its design on the inside.

Most coops purchased from your local farm stores have roosting bars that are much too small and narrow for healthy and happy chickens.  In addition, the coop’s roosting bars are usually at the same level as your nesting boxes. You’ll soon find that this design is less than optimal and your flock will begin sleeping in and fouling (pun intended!) the nesting boxes. In addition, you will probably have to start hand-placing your chickens into the coop each night because they will prefer to perch up on top of the coop outside instead of going into their coop. Why? Because the coop’s tiny roosting bars are inadequate and they want to roost!

You can put your Cluck Deck anywhere your chickens like to roam!  In addition, the Cluck Deck will fit into most average to large size box store chicken coops. It will provide the height they desire inside your coop and will discourage the use of your egg boxes as a sleeping place. Check our images for dimensions. The Cluck Deck is built to last. It is made of pine harvested here in Idaho and Washington. Your chickens will love you for it!

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 6 in